• EZFrac® - High Temperature Zirconium Crosslinked Fracturing Fluids

    EZFrac is a zirconium-crosslinked water-based fracturing fluids composed of carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar (CMHPG) as the gelling agent. CMHPG is a derivatized guar that has ultra-low residue in the polymer. It is designed for the high temperature fracturing application. The technical data sheet summarizes the characteristics and benefits of EZFrac systems.

  • EZStim® - High Temperature Sandstone Acids

    EZStim is a chelant based fluid, which is designed for acidizing high temperature sandstones (200℉ to 375℉ with total carbonate and clay content of >10%wt. EZStim is operationally simplified compared to current sandstone acidizing systems (HCl or organic acids/HF) that require several stages of acid preflush, main treatment fluid and acid postflush. EZStim also provides superior HSE footprint because of much less corrosive properties and easy handling procedures.