• Talent Mission

    OPT embraces a 'human-centric' management approach, valuing and respecting human capital while steadfastly pursuing shareholder value maximization. Our commitment lies in ensuring that all exceptional employees fully reap the benefits of our corporate growth. We offer a dynamic platform for individuals to actualize their potential and are eager to collaborate with you to forge a prosperous professional path.

  • Employee Right and Benefit

    OPT offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, which includes an equity incentive program, a special rewards system, a lunch subsidy, employee dormitories, social insurance, and a housing fund. Additionally, we observe statutory holidays, provide paid annual leave, organize regular staff reunions, host employee birthday parties, and offer health checkups.

Cooperation Training

OPT has established a comprehensive, systematic, and ongoing training initiative coupled with employee career path planning. This approach aims to foster the growth and advancement of our workforce while simultaneously driving the sustainable development of our organization.

External training

In alignment with the strategic objectives of the company and the requisite skills development for future corporate leadership, we have implemented a targeted educational initiative. The program involves directed off-site studies, short-term training sessions etc.

New employee induction training

Corporate culture immersion, Administrative system induction, New hire safety orientation, Laboratory safety protocols, Technical theory foundations, and Technical practical applications.

Safety training

Safety theoretical framework, Safety awareness campaigns, Safety knowledge dissemination, Occupational injury prevention through OIPP strategies, and learning of LPT standards.

Other types of training

Seminars, exchanges, salons, etc.

Professional technical training

API standards, OPT products, OPT technical system, professional skills, etc.

Free time activities

Corporate Annual Meeting

Staff Birthday Party

Holiday Dinner

Team Building Activities

Welcome To Join Us

We provide you with a platform to show self realization of value and look forward to working with you to create our career.