• North Sumatra, Indonesia
    Cementing Field Location for Geothemal Project

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
    Technology Center / PT. OPT Oilfield Services

  • Papua, Indonesia
    Field Location and Base for Cementing and Stimulation

  • Shandong, China
    HQ / Research and Development Center

  • Dongying, China
    Manufacturing Center / OPT Petroleum Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Sichuan, China
    Shale Gas Project

  • Shanxi, China
    Fracturing Technical Service

  • Xinjiang, China
    Cementing Technical Services

  • Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
    Cementing Field Location and Supporting Base

  • Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    FETC and Manufacturing Center / OPT Chemicals Saudi Factory and Co.

  • Middle East
    Fracturing Field Location

  • Mozambique, North Africa
    Cementing Field Location

  • Istanbul, Turkey
    Cementing Field Location for UGS Project

  • Houston, U.S.A
    OPT Chemical Techlogies Inc.

  • South America
    Cementing and Stimulation Technical Services