OPT is fully equipped with laboratory, pilot, and commercial scale capabilities in research & development, manufacturing and field applications of specialty oilfield chemicals.

OPT research & development, manufacturing & supply chain, and field operation teams work closely with each other to optimize the business process in order for us to provide the most competitive specialty chemical products and technologies in oilfield services industry.

Two manufacturing centers with the advanced equipment and process control are located in Dongying, China and Dammam, Saudi Arabia respectively. Two facilities cover an area of 12,600 square-meters totally and produce 20,000 metric tons of specialty oilfield chemicals annually.

These specialty chemicals are synthesized and manufactured at optimized conditions in order to meet with the customized client needs. OPT standards in quality assurance, process control, reaction conditions, operational procedures, packaging, storage, shipping & handling and HSE are followed strictly across the whole process of R&D and manufacturing of OPT specialty oilfield chemicals.

Current specialty chemicals manufactured in OPT facilities are fluid loss agents, dispersants, retarders, defoamers, expanding agents, anti-corrosion agents, gelling agents, surfactants, clay stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, iron control agents, H2S scavengers, crosslinkers and emulsifiers.

  • 2
    manufacturing centers located in Dongying,
    China and Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • 12600
    square-meters of covering area
  • 20000
    metric tons of production of capacity