OPT professional well construction team provide high quality services to our clients including job design using CEMPRO+ simulator, job execution with OPT customized equipment and downhole tools, and job evaluation including pressure testing and CBL analysis. High performance and innovative cementing products and technologies are in-house developed and applied successfully in cementing various wells such as oil & gas, fluid storage and geothermal wells.  

OPT well cementing equipment comes in semi-trailer chassis, truck-mounted or skid-mounted units which contain industry recognized products for the key components including Detroit/Caterpillar/Mercedes-Benz engines, Allison transmissions, Parker hydraulics, Serva pumps and wireless Data Acquisition Systems. 

For engineering design, we collaborate with our partner Pegasus Vertex and customize the CEMPRO+ to fit for cementing conventional oil & gas and unconventional energy wells. The simulator is capable of engineeringly calculating the efficiency of mud displacement, wellbore cleanup and centralization placement in addition to creating the mud report.

Eight fluid technologies for well construction operations are in-house developed for cementing various conventional and unconventional wells, they are:
- EZCem systems are used for cementing high temperature and high- pressure wells.
- ELViS technology provides high efficiency mud displacement in cementing high temperature wells.
- OPTiWash chemical wash and spacer technology provides efficient mud cleanup and displacement for unconventional oil & gas wells.
- Flow-off technology works for any wells that require high level fluid migration control and mitigation of sour gas corrosion.
- PET technology is capable of cementing unconventional pressure wells which requires ultra-low (down to 0.98 g/cc) or ultra-high (up to 2.7 g/cc) slurry densities.
- FCS technology provides unique cement mechanical properties in order to cement geo-stressed, steam injectors, gas storage or geothermal wells.
- TOC technology behaves thixotropic ally while pumping rate changes, making it possible for cement engineers to stop fluid losses during cementing job execution.
- LIFT technology simplifies cementing procedures for deep or ultra-deep wells with long interval casing program by applying unique retardation mechanisms in LIFT slurry systems.