• ELViS ® - Effective Laminar-flow Viscous Spacer

    ELViS spacer system is engineeringly designed to displace mud effectively prior to cementing using effective laminar-flow technique whenever turbulent flow is not applicable. The system can be easily formulated to meet with criteria of laminar flow technique which requires the hierarchy of slurry density and apparent viscosity between drilling fluids, spacer and cement slurries.

  • EZCem ® - Mid-to-high Temperature Cementing Technology

    Synergistic interaction between high temperature fluid loss agent and retarder makes EZCem to become one of the most advanced technologies in cementing high temperature and long-interval oilwells. EZCem is applicable in wide temperature and density range. Its insensitivity to temperature, density, cement brand and mix water minimizes operational risks and improves cementing job quality.

  • FCS ® - Flexible Cement Systems

    FCS technology is engineeringly approached to improve zonal isolation of the well by controlling and adjusting the mechanical properties of the set cement. With this approach the values of the elastic parameters and amount of expansion are specified to meet the requirement for long term mechanical durability, hence zone isolation.

  • LIFT® - Long Interval and Fast-hydration Technology

    LIFT systems make it easier in cementing long intervals with great temperature variations. LIFT systems control thickening time at high temperature properly while develop compressive strength at low temperature at required operational time frame.

  • OPTiWash® - Chemical Wash and Spacer for Oil-Based Muds

    OPTiWash assists in mud removal prior to well cementing through several mechanisms such as phase reversal, wettability modification and physical-chemical absorption. OPTiWash chemical wash or spacer erases mud filter-cake and leaves the casing and the formation water-wet for better interface bonding.