• CAT® - Carbonate Acidizing Technology

    Selection of treatment fluids and uniform coverage of the fluids over the target zones are crucial for carbonate stimulation. The non-damaging viscoelastic surfactant acidizing fluid technology is engineeringly designed for carbonate acidizing and acid fracturing treatments. Unique chemistry utilized in this technology optimizes worm-holing process and results in effective stimulation and diversion of treatment fluid. The all-in-one formulation mechanism makes operation simple and low risk. CAT technology contains non-polymeric ingredients that minimize formation damage and maximize stimulation and coverage effectiveness.

  • DPA ® - Deep Penetration Acids

    Sensitive sandstone formations especially at high temperature well conditions require serious precautions in acidizing design. Selection of fluid systems properly is crucial in stimulation of sensitive and high temperature sandstone formations. DPA technology is engineering designed for acidizing sandstone containing high silt and clays and HCl sensitive minerals, such as zeolite and chlorite, especially at high reservoir temperatures.

  • EAT® - Emulsified Acid Technology

    Emulsified Acid Technology (EAT) is a viscous, highly retarded, and concentrated acid system designed for matrix stimulation and acid fracturing of carbonate formations. It is an oil-external emulsion formed with 70:30 hydrochloric acid-to-oil ratio, stabilized with an emulsifier. The emulsion retards the acid reaction rate of 28% HCl approximately 13-fold allowing deeper acid penetration into the formation compared to conventional HCl systems.

  • E-Frac® - N2 Foamed Fracturing Fluids

    The E-Frac fluids are composed of a crosslinked polymer solution (external or continuous phase) surrounding a gas (internal, dispersed or noncontinuous phase) and a surfactant (foaming agent). The aqueous phase is a crosslinked polymer fluids and the gas phase is typically nitrogen (N2). The properties of E-Frac fluids make them ideal for fracturing treatment of low-pressure or water sensitive oil or gas reservoirs.

  • OPTiFrac® - Low Guar Borate Crosslinked Fracturing Fluids

    OPTiFrac is one of the most robust and cost-effective water-based fracturing fluid systems in oilfield service industry. It is mainly composed of guar and organo-borate crosslinker. The viscoelastic properties of the OPTiFrac system come from the microstructures created by the hydrogen-bonding of the borate crosslinker to the guar polymer. The technical data sheet below summarizes the characteristics and benefits of OPTiFrac systems.